International Health
Partnerships´ Association (IHPA) Together for health and well-being!

International Health
Partnerships´ Association (IHPA) Preventing diseases saves millions of lives!

International Health
Partnerships´ Association (IHPA) Healthy people: happy and wealthy generations!

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Who we are

The International Health Partnerships' Association (IHPA) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, a legal independent entity with its own Statutes, in the area of public health and health systems.

IHPA Governance

The International Health Partnerships´ Association (the IHPA) was established in 2013 – 2014 as a public non-profit Non-Governmental Organization with its own statutes which unites individuals who are dedicated to activities in the areas of health and well-being, public health and health systems. It is an independent legal entity with its seat in Sofia, Bulgaria and a broad scope of work in Europe and globally. 


The IHPA helps organizations, partnerships, and governments on health policy and strategy development, and the analysis and evaluation of public health projects. Our members have wide-ranging and different experience in public health, education, health protection and promotion and disease prevention, and improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.

We work with countries, communities, and partners to introduce and maintain changes in public health and systems performance to improve health and well-being of all, wherever they live. We work through consultancies, technical assistance, training and project implementation, and partnerships building and networking.

We envision a society where everyone lives in healthy communities and the benefit of good health is equally accessible to all. The IHPA and its members are driven by this view of public health, using their expertise to promote and protect health and well-being, preventing ill-health and prolonging life, through the organised efforts of society, of professionals, leaders and community based groups. We believe those who have the least deserve our best; we have a stubborn insistence that tomorrow’s world must be better than today’s.


The IHPA provides news related to the work of its own members in various technical consultancies performed in Europe and beyond, themselves and jointly with other international health organizations and networks.

We also disseminate the most recent and pertinent news from WHO, other international health NGOs and Networks in all areas of our work.



The IHPA members work with people across the health system – from clinicians and managers through to the charity sector, patient representative organisations, academics, national bodies and policy makers. We aim to provide support to countries who wish to develop capacity, systems and mechanisms to address the social determinants of health by:

International Health Partnerships' Association (IHPA)

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