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Technical support for Noncommunicable Diseases Project implementation in Ukraine

An expert from IHPA provided technical assistance to the project “Technical support for Noncommunicable Diseases Project implementation in Ukraine”, carried out by WHO Country Office in Kiev. The project aimed to strengthen the role of local institutions in reducing NCDs and their related risk behaviors. The consultant contributed to negotiations with a wide range of interests to create a strategy sensitive to local views and the differences between local areas.
Core to this was a belief that ownership of decisions must remain internal to the National Health Service, and that leadership, governance, and stewardship needed to be strengthened at every level of the health care system. This work was undertaken between February and June 2018.
The regions of this large country display vast differences in their history, culture and economy, and therefore face different health needs and have dissimilar performance of their healthcare systems.  Previous centralization of decision making emphasized command and control, and gave little room for flexibility at lower levels, stifling initiative. Strengthening regional authorities’ role in NCDs control through local legislation and enforcement can stimulate mutual learning and positive competition among regional offices. Successful local initiatives can lead the centre to adopt national legislation for key public health issues.
To encourage the building of capacities around the prevention of NCD’s prevention, through sharing of best practices and ownership of decision, one should
I. Agree with all involved the strategic options for strengthening of regional authorities in NCDs control;
II. Work together with regional authorities to present, discuss and recommend locally relevant strategic approaches, in particular
a. Update regional authorities on key WHO documents regarding NCDs control and the best global and European practices on legislation in NCDs control;
b. Introduce the National NCDs Action Plan in the frame of SDGs, including roadsafety and environmental health;
c. Present current information on exposure.

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