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Transforming the Kyrgyz Public Health Services by 2030

On 26-27th September the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health, under the Deputy Minister of Health and Chief State Medical Officer Mr Erkin Checheinbaev, assembled 50 Public Health senior officials representing national, oblast and rayon. The aim was to begin to plan the transformation of the Kyrgyz SANEPID system into a modern Public Health Services network, able by 2030 to make a practical reality of preventive medicine and health promotion. This aim is in line with the soon-to-be-endorsed fourth National Health System Strategy 2030, with focus on prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases and improved health and well-being of the Kyrgyz people.
The workshop was organized and supported by the WHO Europe Public Health Services programme and the Country Office in Bishkek. An expert from the IHPA is part of the WHO Europe team.
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