International Health
Partnerships´ Association (IHPA) Together for health and well-being!

International Health
Partnerships´ Association (IHPA) Preventing diseases saves millions of lives!

International Health
Partnerships´ Association (IHPA) Healthy people: happy and wealthy generations!

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Health systems and policies

Health systems and policies

The IHPA supports developing and implementing policies and measures to improve the performance of the countries´ health systems.

“IHPA understands “Health system” as “The ensemble of all public and private organizations, institutions and resources mandated to improve or restore health.  Health systems encompass both personal and population services as well as activities to influence the policies and actions of other sectors to address the social, environmental and economic determinants of health.”

Tallinn Charter on Health Systems for Health and Wealth, 2008, WHO Regional Office for Europe,


In doing so, the IHPA provides the following services:

a. Health systems needs assessment;
b. Health system strategies development and support to implementation;
c. Primary health care strategies development and implementation;
d. Evaluation of health system´s strategies implementation;
e. Support and guidance to national and sub-national authorities in implementing strategic system reforms;
f. Projects development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
g. Matching countries needs to potential funding agencies, charities and bilateral donors;
h. Partnerships´ development at various levels;
i. Building up strategic partnerships and networks.

International Health Partnerships' Association (IHPA)

Sofia 1606, Bulgaria, 21 Ivaylo str.

+45 22 500 664

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